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    Open Innovation
    "You must do the thing you think you cannot do."
    Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Research and Innovation
    Technological innovation is essential to economic growth
    and the enhancement of human possibilities.
  • It is not luck. It's good marketing
    Research your market, identify new opportunities,
    improve sales performance .


NOVARIS Innovative Technologies has always been an early adopter of innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things, wireless sensor networks, miniaturization, cryptography and indoor positioning systems.

Research and Development has always been an important aspect of our business. We cooperate closely with universities and many other institutions, and contribute our expertise and knowledge to industry research projects.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions for a sustainable and safe future.

Our mission

NOVARIS is an open innovation company specialized in the development of high-tech, and highly innovative solotions in networked sensor systems and security.

The mission of NOVARIS is to serve industry and government by developing and demonstrating innovative technologies and advanced products that enhance the quality of human life.

NOVARIS's approach is to continue innovative technology and product development for industry and government on a contract basis while looking for appropriate product niches to be commercialised.

Market analysis

Researching your market helps you target your ideal customer, identify new market opportunities and improve your sales performance. At NOVARIS we are specialized in innovative, high tech and emerging industry sectors.

Our research consultants and expert analysts conduct qualitative and quantitative research in countries across the globe.

Novaris provides strategic advice, underpinning by insightful market analysis, to enable your business to develop a sucessful marketing strategy to drive business growth.

Expertise of the NOVARIS group

Wireless Sensor Networks

We have over 15 years of expertise on wireless sensor networks and the Internet of Things.

We have been developing together with our partners several solutions resulting in reliable, scalable, and energy efficient products and services..

Positioning Systems

Delivering accurate indoor location information is the holy grail for developers of positioning systems.

Our experts have been working since many years on the latest technologies and methods, and can give any business looking for indoor positioning systems in-depth technical consultancy and advice.

Information Security

NOVARIS Security Innovations is the software and information security branch of the NOVARIS group.

We offer a complete range of reliable and affordable solutions for software security (ROCKEY Software Protection) and advanced internet security and authentication (ePass).

Your benefits

Collaborating with NOVARIS and its associated partners will give you an competitative advantage and more revenues in emerging high-tech markets. We fully follow the open innovation strategy. In an open innovation project the partners co-develop innovations that will be brought to market through a variety of collaborative business models e.g. license deals, joint ventures or acquisitions.

This gives many benefits:

  • Keep at the upfront of innovation
  • Open Innovation reduces the risk of innovation projects, and greatly increases the chance of success.
  • Together we make the right choices, taking product and market developments in consideration.
  • Open Innovation is innovating with partners by sharing the risks and the rewards.
Innovation never stops!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Albert Einstein