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NOVARIS Innovative Technologies is a Netherlands based company established in 2002, and is since then actively involved into various open innovation initiatives.

NOVARIS Security Innovations is a full and independent branch of NOVARIS, and delivers products and solutions for information security.

  • Over 15 years dedicated to high tech embedded and security soutions
  • Protection is our passion
  • Committed to innovation
  • Dedicated to serve our customers

"We take pride not only in using leading edge technology, ensuring the best security at an affordable cost, but furthermore the ease with which our customers implement our products."

CEO Josephine Deperink

Our passion


Technology is our Passion.

The mission of NOVARIS Innovative Technologies is to serve industry and government by developing and demonstrating innovative technologies and advanced products that enhance the quality of human life.

NOVARIS's approach is to continue innovative technology and product development for industry and government on a contract basis while looking for appropriate product niches to be commercialised.


NOVARIS was born from enthusiasm over the technological possibilities that are constantly being unveiled. We combine technology, domain knowledge and business as entrepreneurs and as consultants.

We specialize in the development of small embedded systems for environmental monitoring, healthcare, sports, logistics, security, and wearable electronics.

Key building blocks are low-power microcontrollers, batteries, sensors and radio transceivers along with first-class firmware and software.


Novaris has always been an early adopter of innovative technologies such as miniaturization, embedded electronics, and the latest encryption algorithms.

We hold multiple international patents and collaborate with important consortia, committees and research institutions.

R&D has always been an important aspect of our business. We cooperate closely with universities and many other institutions, and contribute our expertise and knowledge to industry research projects.

Are you also enthusiastic about the areas we work with and share our mindset? Let’s discuss how we can work together!

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