Partners -  a selection of our collaborators



Inertia technology

Inertia Technology - wireless motion sensors and analytics

Inertia Technology is a high-tech company developing miniature wireless motion sensors for industry, healthcare and sports.

Novaris has been collaborating with Inertia Technology since 2010 in various reserach and development projects.


TerraTeq - environmental wireless sensing solutions

TerraTeq is an open innovation company specialized in the development of wireless smart sensing systems for environmental and animal monitoring & tracking applications.

NOVARIS and TerraTeq collaborate in various research and development projects.


Open Fortress* - digital signatures and cryptography

OpenFortress is specialized in digital signatures and cryptography. Novaris and OpenFortess collaborate in security products, support, and consultancy.

OpenFortress provides consultancy and intergrates advanced security in systems.

Locus Positioning

Locus Positioning - indoor positioning systems

LOCUS Positioning is a spin-off from the University of Twente. Locus provides a flexible software based positioning solution that achieves superior accuracy (typically less than 1 meter indoor) compared to high-end dedicated positioning systems, while using off the shelf technologies, and available at an affordable cost level, thereby opening many new application areas.

Logo Novaris

NOVARIS Security Innovations

NOVARIS Security Innovations is the software and information security branch of the NOVARIS group.

We offer a complete range of reliable and affordable solutions for software security (ROCKEY Software Protection) and advanced internet security and authentication (ePass). Our solutions enable our customers to adapt to escalating internal and external threats to their sensitive data, and rapidly evolve to address new business requirements and compliance mandates.